Cannabis Concentrates Explained

Cannabis concentrates range from hashish, to oils, extracts and edibles. They are essentially concentrated forms of cannabis. In this episode we cover many different types on cannabis concentrates such as FECO, RSO and BHO. We also cover what they are, what they look like, and how potent they are too.

Cannabis medicines are usually made from cannabis concentrates. They are much easier to dose than cannabis flower alone. So if you are using cannabis as a medicine, extracts like those mentioned in this episode might be a good way for you to take your cannabis.

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Making Cannabis Concentrates

If you would like to make some of your own cannabis concentrates, why not head over to Percys Grow Room? Percys has a guide for lots of different types of concentrates such as shatter, hashish and cannabis oils. You can find a guide there, but also you can ask for help in the cannabis growers forum.

There are a lot of growers on Percys who use their home grown to make cannabis concentrates. You can follow their guides in threads, or even start your own thread to ask any question about making your own. It is completely free, and it is the best cannabis community on the internet. Sign up today!

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