Bugs on Cannabis Plants

Bugs on cannabis plants can be a very scary site, especially in the late flowering stage! Your plants can go from a perfect shade of green to turning a pale shade of yellow, and even be covered in spots from insect bites in just a few days! There a lot of bugs that will live in your grow room. The key to getting rid of them is identifying them correctly. Then you just have to treat them accordingly.

In this episode of our cannabis podcast we discuss bugs on cannabis plants. What they look like. How they reproduce and grow in population. We also cover how to identify them from the effects they have on the plants and how to get rid of them. But most importantly we discuss how to prevent them in the first place.

Even if you haven’t found any bugs on your plants, it is a good idea to get well prepared with the knowledge you need to keep them away. This is what you will find in this episode. So begin learning about bugs on cannabis plants now. Just press play on this player:

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Help with Bugs on Cannabis Plants

Without pictures, it can be difficult to identify bugs on cannabis plants. So if you need a little extra help with this, just head to our cannabis growing forum at Percys Grow Room. There you will find lots of guides and threads about bugs.

Also, if you have bugs on your plants, then you can take a picture and upload it into a thread. Then one of the members will be able to see the problem and help you identify it properly, and even tell you the best way to treat it.

Percys Grow Room is 100% free, and all personal cannabis growers are welcome. It is the friendliest community on the internet. So why not get over there and sign up! Your plants will thank you.

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