pH and EC When Growing Cannabis

pH and Ec when growing cannabis are very important to keeping happy healthy plants. If the pH of the medium is off by too much, the plants will not be able to use certain nutrients in the medium, and they will suffer. In this episode we discuss the best pH for cannabis plants, and what EC to feed to your plants too.

It can at first seem like a complex topic. But pH and EC is very simple to understand once you get your head around it. Everything you need to know is explained here. When you have listened to this cannabis podcast it will all make sense.

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Help with Understanding pH and EC When Growing Cannabis

Though we have tried hard to break down pH and Ec for cannabis plants in this episode, you may still have some questions. If you need any extra help or have any questions at all, please don’t be afraid to ask! You can find the panel of High on Home Grow over at Percys Grow Room, the cannabis growers forum. You can also start a thread there and ask any question you like! We are always happy to help.

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