How to Make Cannabis Edibles

How to make cannabis edibles will differ depending on what type of edibles you would like to make. But essentially, it is very easy! You just have to find a recipe of a food or drink you like, and then infuse it with cannabis.

In this episode of our cannabis podcast we explain everything you need to know about making cannabis edibles. From how to infuse base ingredients like butter and oils with cannabis, to how to properly decarboxylate your cannabis for a better high from your edibles.

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Get Help Making Cannabis Edibles

If you need some extra help with making cannabis edibles of any type. Why not download some episodes of Marge’s podcast “Bite me The Show About Edibles“? Marge has episodes and recipes on how to make lots of different infusions.

You can also visit our cannabis forum at Percys Grow Room to ask experienced cannabis enthusiast what their favourite THC/CBD infusions are, how to dose them, and how to make them. Dosing is a very important factor. So make sure you get it right and ask for help in our forum!

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