Different Types of Cannabis Seeds, Episode 3

In episode 3 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis podcast, we discuss different types of cannabis seeds. What is the difference between autos and photos? What is the difference between fems and regs? Everything will be explained here.

The interview is with a former writer for High Times Magazine, a Cannabis Cup Judge, and Host of the “Free Weed” Podcast, Danny Danko! He tell us how he judges the cannabis cup!

We also have some great questions in Q & A, and some great news about next weeks interview!

Cannabis News from Episode 3

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode two of High on Home Grown. To read more on each story, click on the links below

The Irish Green Party have outed the Fenar Fall party in Ireland about thier outdated stance on cannabis regulations says Green Beard

Green Party Views on Cannabis

Medical Cannabis news from cannabis. Temple Grower tells us there is a new company in Canada that sells cannabis seeds! Prior to this you were only able to buy seeds one government approved place.

How to buy legal cannabis seeds in Canada

High Time Magazine say a study says more chronic pain patients are turning to cannabis for relief. Monkey tells us more people are getting off opioids and turning to cannabis instead!

Study Suggests More Chronic Pain Patients Are Turning to Cannabis

Famous Stoner, Tommy Chong

tommy chong, cannabis podcast interview, high on home grown,

A man who needs no introduction, Tommy Chong! The king of stoners, and a guy who helped lift the stigma of cannabis for decades.

Green Beard tells us all about Tommy Chong, his movies his music, and how much he loves weed!

Tommy Chong Wiki Page

Different Types of Cannabis Seeds, Grow Guides

There are many different types of cannabis seeds. For a new grower, it may be confusing. In this grow guides, we tell you about each type of seed, and what they all do.

If you would like to know more about different types of cannabis seeds, head over to the cannabis forum on Percys Grow Room. There is a great guide you can read there, and you can sign up to the forum and ask for help any time!

different types of cannabis seeds, podcasts about cannabis, cannabis podcasts, high on home grown,

Interview with Danny Danko

Danny Danko, High on Home Grown, interview, grow bud yourself, free weed,  cannabis podcasts, podcasts about weed

Danny Danko used to be a writer for High Time Magazine. He has also judged many cannabis cups over the last 2 decades. He has hosted a couple of podcasts about cannabis, but right now, his main project is “Go Bud Yourself”.

Before Grow Bud Yourself, Danny made a podcast called Free Weed. He is such a cool, laid back guy, and it was a massive pleasure to speak to him.

Grow Bud Yourself Website

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If you have any questions about cannabis seed types, you can ask them over at Percys, we will always be happy to help!

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