The Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Plants

The Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Plants is when the cannabis plant grows from a small seedling, into a big bushy plant! It is a very important part of the cannabis plants life cycle. During this stage of growth the plants will grow stems and leaves, and lots of roots in preparation for the flowering stage.

To get the best results there are some things you can do during the vegetative stage of cannabis plants. From LST, topping, and of course feeding the plant what it needs, there are lots you can do to get the most out of your cannabis plants before they start flowering.

In this episode we cover everything you need to know about vegging cannabis plants. Follow the instructions in this episode to grow happy healthy cannabis plants that will grow nice fat buds! Just click play on this player:

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Get Help with the Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Plants

Sometimes you may experience problems during the vegetative stage of cannabis plants. This can range from nutrient deficiencies, pH imbalances and maybe even bugs! If you have any problems, or need any extra help at all, you can find it on our cannabis growers forum at Percys Grow Room.

Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growing community that is free to join! There are hundreds of growers on Percys everyday. They are all, always happy to help growers get the best out of their plants. So if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask! Just sign up to Percys, start a thread, and you will have answers in no time.

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