The Early Flowering Stage of Cannabis Plants

The Early Flowering Stage of Cannabis Plants is when you will first start to see flowers forming. This is when you will look out for what sex your cannabis plant is, and you will also adjust the feed the plant is getting. At this point the plant will grow fast. It will double the in size at least compared to the size it was during the vegetative stage.

Because at this stage the buds are starting to grow, you need to get everything on point and give your plant exactly what it needs. Any issues during this stage can reduce the final yield of your grow. And of course, this is not want we want.

So during the episode of our cannabis growing podcast we cover everything you need to know about the early flowering stage of cannabis plants. This episode will make sure you have all the knowledge you need to keep your plants happy through a very important stage of their life cycle.

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Get Help with the Flowering Stage of Cannabis Plants

If you need help with the early flowering stages of a cannabis plants life cycle, there is a great site for you! Percys Grow Room is a cannabis forum with hundreds of growers just like you! You can sign up there for free and get help with your grow.

During the early stages of flowering, a lot can go wrong. From incorrect feeding of your plants, to not being able to identify sex and hermie plants. Don’t go through this stage alone! Get the help you need from the cannabis community at Percys Grow Room.

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