Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis

Pros and cons of growing cannabis is the subject we cover in this episode of our cannabis podcast. Though growing cannabis can seem like it’s all fun, there are often some overlooked issues. From the risk of growing, to the time it takes to tend to the garden. There are plenty of cons to go with the pros.

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons for growing cannabis. From the good points such as the quality of cannabis you get from growing to the massive reduction in the money you spend. We also talk about the cons of growing. Such as the time it takes to maintain a grow, and the time it takes to trim cannabis after harvest.

Though there are both good sides and bad sides to growing. The good far outweigh the bad, and everyone should be growing their own cannabis if they are capable of doing so. Listen to this episode to find out more just by pressing the play button on this podcast player:

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Discuss the Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis

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