Planning Your First Cannabis Grow

Planning Your First Cannabis Grow can be intimidating at first. But with a little bit of research you will find it is much easier than you think.

In episode one of of our Grow Guides, we cover everything you need to know about planning your first cannabis grow. From security issues that need to be addressed, to what are some things you need to consider before starting.

It is important to get started off on the right foot. Before you begin planning your first grow, you should listen to this episode of our homegrown cannabis podcast. It is episode one in a whole series of grow guides. They will take you step by step through everything you need to know about growing cannabis.

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Get Help Planning Your First Cannabis Grow

There is a lot of information about planning a cannabis grow in this episode of High on Home Grown. But if you feel like you need some extra help, or just some guidance along the way, we can help you! Our cannabis podcast is made by the team from the cannabis forum, Percys Grow Room.

Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growers forum that is 100% free to join. There are a lot of experienced growers there who are always more than happy to help people learn how to grow their own. So if you’re in need of any help, or you just want to be a part of an awesome cannabis community, make sure you sign up there!

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