Low Stress Training for Cannabis Plants

Low Stress Training for Cannabis Plants (LST) is when the branches of the plants are tied down. Rather than letting a plant grow tall, topping and LST can be used to spread the plant out. Doing this makes the most out of your grow space. Instead of having tall plants, you can grow bushy plants instead.

Rather than letting plants grow tall and growing into the light, LST will make the plant grow horizontally. This helps the plant absorb an even amount of light, and grow more even sized buds.

In this guide we talk all about low stress training for cannabis plants. What the benefits are, how to do it, and how to prevent snapping the branches too. To listen to this episode of our cannabis podcast, just click play on the player right here on this page:

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Guides on Low Stress Training for Cannabis Plants

There are some great guides on our cannabis growing forum at Percys Grow Room. You can get help with LST over there if you need it. Just take a look at some of the cannabis grow diaries and check out LST done by other growers. You can also start a thread and ask your own question if you want to. All 100% free!

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