How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to germinate cannabis seeds is the first thing you need to learn to start a cannabis grow. If you have listened to all of the episodes so far you will know everything you need to know about equipment, medium and nutrients. You have also found out where to buy the best cannabis seeds. Now it is time to start the actual growing!

In this episode we cover everything you need about germinating cannabis seeds. From how to germinate cannabis seeds, to how to prepare the grow medium for seedlings and cuttings. It is a very simple process, just follow the instructions in this episode of our grow guides and everything will go to according to plan!

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Help Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Knowing how to germinate cannabis seeds will take practise. Cannabis seeds can be expensive, and you want to make sure you do it right to save money! If you get it wrong and the seeds die, it can be a huge waste. If you need any extra help or have any questions then please feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growing forum.

Percys Grow Room is a cannabis community that is free for everyone to join! There you will find hundreds of experienced growers who are more than happy to help others learn to grow their own cannabis. Don’t rush into anything, If you’re unsure of anything in the germination process, ask for help! It is free to do so and it can save you money on more seeds. So join the community, and sign up to Percys Grow Room.

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