Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants can be a devastating thing to find in your grow room. Especially if you plants are in late flower. Hermaphrodite cannabis plants (also known as hermies) are when a plant shows both female and male sex organs. Usually, a female cannabis plant will grow male cannabis flowers. This causes the plant to pollinate itself.

When a cannabis plant pollinates itself like this, the buds will begin to grow seeds. But the seeds will usually grow to be hermies too. So they are no good to most growers. There are many reason why a cannabis plant will hermie, and in this episode we cover how hermies happen. We also cover how you can identify hermaphrodite cannabis plants early, and what to do if you find one in your grow room.

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What to Do with Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

If you think you have found a hermie in your grow room, dont panic. Unless you’re 100% sure your plant is a hermie, you should get a second opinion. A female cannabis plant will grow calyxes, and these can often be confused for male flowers. New growers may kill their plants when they see calyxes assuming they are hermies. Do not do that! Make sure you get a second opinion before you kill any suspected hermie.

Simply visit the cannabis growing forum on Percys Grow Room. There you will find hundreds of experienced growers who can help you. They will determine if your plant is a hermie or not. They will also advise you on what to do next if it is.

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