Equipment You Need to Grow Cannabis

Equipment you need to grow cannabis will vary depending on many things. From how big your setup is, how much space you have and how much you intended to grow. And of course, your budget!

In this episode of High on Home Grown we discuss all of the equipment you need to grow cannabis at home. From lighting and extraction fans, to grow tents and grow rooms. Everything you need is covered in this episode.

Proper planning is important before you start growing. So if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our episode on planning your first cannabis grow. You can download that episode on all of the major podcast networks. If you have listened to that episode of grow guides, then you can listen to episode 2 right here. Just press play!

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Get Help Choosing the Right Equipment for Growing Cannabis

If you would like some extra guidance or have any questions about what equipment you need for growing cannabis at home, then we can help you! Just head over to the cannabis growing forum at Percys Grow Room!

There are hundreds of experienced cannabis growers there who are always happy to help. Just sign up and start a thread. It is 100% free and easy to use. So why not get signed up and ask for help with your grow.

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