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High on Home Grown Archive

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Guests on High on Home Grown

We have been lucky enough to interview some of the biggest names in cannabis. From authors, celebrities, experts and medical patients. To know which guest attended which episode of High on Home Grown, check the list below:

  • 11: Dr Peter Grinspoon
  • 12: Shane Torpey
  • 13: Carly Barton
  • 14: Phil Monk
  • 15: Jorge Cervantes
  • 16: Peter Reynold
  • 17: Swami Chaitanya
  • 18: Tommy Chong
  • 19: Frenchy Cannoli
  • 20: Trev Coleman
  • 21: Jordan River
  • 22: Ed Rosenthal
  • 23: Reefer Medness
  • 24: Simpa Carter
  • 25: Christmas Episode
  • 26: Christmas Episode
  • 27: Martin Condon
  • 28: David Bienenstock
  • 29: Jole and Cam
  • 30: Tommy Chong
  • 31: Marge Madden
  • 32: Dana Larsen
  • 33: Tony Bevington 
  • 34: Breeder Steve
  • 35: Steve DeAngelo
  • 36: Hannah Deacon
  • 37: Luke Ming Flannagan 
  • 38: Prof. Daniel Bear
  • 39: Shane Torpey 
  • 40: Joanne Griffiths
  • 41: Jorge Cervantes
  • 42: Dr Goldstein
  • 43: Gary Youds
  • 44: Kayleigh Ross
  • 45: Earl Carruthers 
  • 46: Martin Condon
  • 47: Kenny Tynan
  • 48: Breeder Steve
  • 49: Jesse Lavoie
  • 50: Guy Coxall
  • 51: Ideal
  • 52: Ed Rosenthal
  • 53: Gino Kenny
  • 54: Jim Finch
  • 55: Maurice Spears
  • 56: Stoner Chef
  • 57: Martin Condon
  • 58: Jesse Lavioe
  • 59: Alicia Maher
  • 60: Billy Bonds

Special Interview Episodes

Sometimes we release bonus episodes that are usually full interviews with our guests. Any interview you hear on our cannabis podcast has been edited and made to fit the 25-30 minute window. The interview we have will often go on for a couple of hours, and a lot of content doesn’t get released. On some occasions however, an interview is just too good to leave it in the editing room. So we release the whole interview as a bonus episode.

Here are a few of the bonus episodes we have released so far:

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