Episode 9, Common Cannabis Plant Problems

In episode 9 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis growing podcast, we talk about Common Cannabis plant problems. How to fix the problems and how to prevent them in the future.

The interview is Carly Wolf from NORML. Carly hails from DC & talks to us about cannabis law, social injustice and her ongoing work with NORML 

Of course we have cannabis news and events, Famous Stoner and Strain of the week!

Cannabis News from Episode 9

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode 9 of High on Home Grown. To find out more about each story click the links below.


Monkey reviews Uruguay’s progress since they legalised cannabis in 2013, diving into how far they have come, what’s changed and how it has impacted on the legacy market.

Uruguay’s cannabis law: Pioneering a new paradigm (brookings.edu)

Green Beard

GB brings us news of the zoological kind as he fills us in on a zoo in Warsaw Poland treating elephants with CBD

Warsaw Zoo To Try Treating Stressed-Out Elephants With CBD (allthatsinteresting.com)

Zombie Nation

ZN brings us news out of the science field about a new polymer and its connection with Elon Musk

New ‘PEDOT’ Polymer May Allow Human Brain to Merge With AI, Cure and Detect Diseases, Scientists Say (sputniknews.com)

Temple Grower

TG comes to the table with news about psilocybin treatment and the positive outcome for Canadian patients, and pays his respects after the passing of cannabis activist & NBA great Cliff Robertson.

Four terminally ill Canadians get special exemption to use psychedelic therapy | CTV News

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Common Cannabis Plant Problems

Growing your own Cannabis can be fun and rewarding. But it can also be frustrating when things don’t quite go to plan. Thankfully the panel has taken the time to go over the problems they have come across in their own grows.  

If you would like some more information on how to diagnose and fix these problems, just click the link below and check out percysgrowroom.com.

Diagnose a Cannabis Plant Problem – Percys Grow Room, Sign Up Today

Interview with Carly Wolf, Episode 9

Carly Wolf, NORML, Cannabis activism, interviews about cannabis, hihg on home grown

Carly Wolf is a cannabis activist from Washington DC, She graciously shares her views on Cannabis law and social injustices and opens up about her work with NORML and their mission to help change the narrative and public opinion of Cannabis legalisation. 


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