Episode 67, Making Compost Teas, Internet Trolls and Phil Monk.

In episode 67 of High on Home Grown, the podcast for stoners, we talk about compost teas. How easy it is to make, and why you should be using it.

The interview is with Phil Monk form the WTU. He is ending his time with the WTU after 5 years due to internet trolls! A very sad story, Phil tells us everything that has happened.

We also have some great questions in listener mail, and of course this weeks cannabis news and events.

Cannabis News from Episode 67

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode 67 of High on Home Grown.


Colorado is changing some of its cannabis regulations to prevent people buying and using too many cannabis oils and extracts.

Medical marijuana laws in Colorado will be more strict starting Jan. 1. Here’s how.

Green Beard

Is Germany about to legalising cannabis?

Germany’s Next Coalition Nears Deal on Legalizing Cannabis

Zombie Nation

Cannabis farm and illegal distillery found in Bolton, UK. This shows that even if a product is legal, it will still be made illegally if taxes get too high.

Huge cannabis farm and illegal alcohol distillery found in Bolton raids

Temple Grower

The new FDA pick in the USA uses cannabis for medicine, will this make changes to how cannabis is viewed by the FDA?

Biden’s FDA Pick Prescribed Cannabinoid Medicine And Recognized Marijuana’s Therapeutic Potential


More news involving cannabis use disorder. Is this the new fear mongering term the establishment want to use to deter people from using cannabis?

Cannabis use disorder may be linked to growing number of heart attacks in younger adults

In forum news:

Round 2 currently being played at Percys

Rock Paper Scissors is open, all listeners are able to join

High on Home Grow Website is coming along nicely.

Barneys Farm Care Package

Phil Monks Birthday yesterday

Bad Review on Cast Box

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Making Compost Tea

Making compost tea is very easy, and it is highly recommend to use o cannabis plants in all growing mediums.

In this episode we explain how t make your own compost tea, and how you should use it. Compost tea will give a boost to your plants immune system and general health.

Make compost tea easily by following the guides in this episode.

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Interview with Phil Monk

Phil Monk is the founder of We The Undersigned (WTU). He has recently decided he can no longer be involved with the WTU, and their cause has reached the end of the line.

This is mainly down to internet trolls who have had the WTU facebook pages and other social media pages shut down.

Phil tells us the whole story. What has happened, and what he plants to do next in this episode.

Listener Mail Questions from Episode 67

Here are a few of this weeks questions that were sent in buy or listeners.


Q. Can you use snow in bubble bags if it’s too much hassle getting ice cubes?

Q. Sometimes I use a shorter roach and half a filter tip in my doobs to try and catch some of the shit from the tobacco, Will the filter tip reduce the effect of the weed too?  I cant say iv noticed any reduction 😆 but its something iv been wondering for years. 🙂

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If you have any questions about Phil and the WTU then please feel free to ask on the forum.

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