Episode 66, Micro Growing Cannabis Plants, Interview with Joanne Griffiths

In episode 66 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis podcast, we talk about micro growing. This is when a growers growers small plants, in small pots.

The interview is with Joanne Griffiths, who we spoke to way back on episode 40. She tells us how she is forced to pay over 2K a month for her sons medicine!

We also have some great questions in listener mail, and of course this weeks cannabis news and events.

Cannabis News from Episode 66

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode 66 of High on Home Grown.


Monkey tells us a about a study that show more women have “cannabis use disorder” whilst pregnant. But is this because more women are smoking? Or because it is more accepted now so they don’t hide it anymore?

Study finds significant increase in cannabis use disorder during pregnancy

Green Beard

Crooked tactics from the crooked police as usual. They are now using heat seeking drones to spy on peoples house and detect heat signatures. Dirty game play as usual!

Heat-seeking drone busts cannabis factory worth £211,000

Zombie Nation

In a not so shocking new ( but repeated) revelation, Amsterdam, yet again, plans to ban tourist from coffee shops. I am sure we will repeat this story again some time next year. It seems to be a good ad campaign for Amsterdam tourism.

Amsterdam Plans  to Ban Tourists From Visiting Cannabis-Selling Spots Due to Their Bad Behaviour

Temple Grower

Temples good friends Tilray 😉 Are having problem! Craft cannabis is growing, and not so shockingly, people prefer it over the low quality product that Tilray and other big corporations sell to people.

Tilray’s share of Canadian cannabis market plummets, but Auxly shines, data shows

In forum news:

Squid Game Entry Closes Monday, first game Wednesday

Doctor X won Fleur de Mail giveaway from Pips.

We now have Youtube membership, super chat, and super stickers

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Micro Growing Cannabis Plants

Most of the time, cannabis growers will grow as few plants as possible, but grow them big! But is this the best way to do things?

In this episode we discuss micro growing, and how it can be a great way to grow for all growers, not just people growing stealth.

Maybe you would like to give it a shot? Grow a small plant in a small pots, it is easy to do, and doesn’t take a lot of space.

Interview with Joanne Griffiths

Joanne’s son Ben, suffers with epilepsy. He used to have 300 seizures a day! But with the help of cannabis medicine, that has been reduced to just 2 short seizures a day! A life changing difference!

But the problem is, Joanne needs to pay for this life changing medicine herself, and it cost around £2000 a month!!

This is a terrible burden for any parent to carry alone! No one should be forced to pay this much money for a child medicine.

Please, if you can help Joanne, and you would like to donate to her cause, visit the websites she recommended in the interview:


End Our Pain

A truly inspirational women! It is always a pleasure to speak with her.

Listener Mail Questions from Episode 65

Here are a few of this weeks questions that were sent in buy or listeners.

Disco Biscuit: Is chasing vpd actually worth it for the average home grower? 

Mr Kryton: Can I re-use my 50/50 FFOF/Happy frog soil for a new grow if I intend on utilizing liquid nutes for the new grow?

Billy Bonds: should i wear a hair net while attending my plants ?

Saj Din, Best way to make compost Tea

Thanks for Listening!

Thank you for listening to our episode! If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions then feel free to contact us. You can use the contact form on our contact page, or find us on the forum for cannabis growers over at Percys Grow Room.

If you have any questions about how you can help Joanne and the other moms then please feel free to ask on the forum, or visiting one of the sites listed above. We really appreciate any support you can offer these amazing moms! And so do they!

See you next week! Thanks for listening

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