Episode 65, Stoner Etiquette with Lizzie Post

In episode 65 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis podcast, we talk about stoner etiquette. How to be a good example of a cannabis users around non smokers and fellow stoners too.

The interview is with Lizzie Post, the great-great granddaughter of Emily Post, the famous etiquette author. We have a good laugh and a proper session with Lizzie and ask about her book, Higher Etiqutte.

We also have some great questions in listener mail, and of course this weeks cannabis news and events.

Cannabis News from Episode 65

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode 65 of High on Home Grown. Temple Grower and Marge are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, so they are away for this episode.

In forum news:

We take a week of next week, so there will be no main show or session on Friday and Sunday. But there will be….

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Stoner and Grower Etiquette

Because we had the pleasure of speaking to Lizzie Post, we thought we would make this episode all about etiquette.

In grow guides we discuss some of the rules we used to follow in our sessions. What is the correct etiquette in passing a joint, and how to not be a dick.

As cannabis becomes legal around the world, there will be plenty of new people joining the community. They will need to learn unwritten rules of a stoner too.

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Interview with Lizzie Post

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Lizzie post is the author of Higher Etiquette, a book about etiquette for the cannabis community.

She is a hard core stoner and cannabis grower. She loves smoking, growing and writing about cannabis and she was an awesome guest on the show!

You can find copies of Higher Etiquette on Amazon, or any other fine books stores.

Listener Mail Questions from Episode 65

Here are a few of this weeks questions that were sent in buy or listeners.

Is volcanic ash good for cannabis plants?

Are UK growers concerned with the sudden rise in energy prices?

What land races would you suggest for breeding cannabis.

Thanks for Listening!

Thank you for listening to our episode about stoner etiquette! If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions then feel free to contact us. You can use the contact form on our contact page, or find us on the forum for cannabis growers over at Percys Grow Room.

If you have any questions about good etiquette for cannabis users, you can ask them over at Percys, we will always be happy to help!

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