Episode 64, Getting Rid of Powdery Mildew

In episode 64 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis podcast, we talk about powdery mildew. From what it looks like and how it spreads, to the best ways to prevent it indoors and outdoors.

The interview is with Emily Dufton. She is the author of a book called “Grass Roots, The rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America”.

We also have some great questions in listener mail, and of course this weeks cannabis news and events.

Cannabis News from Episode 64

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode 64 of High on Home Grown. To read more on each story, click on the links below

In forum news:

New Bugs guide on Percys: Click here to see our new guide on bugs on cannabis plants.

Ed Rosenthal is coming on the 13th! A special interview is coming with the legendary Ed Rosenthal! His new book has been released and advanced copies are on their way out now!

Drea90 Member of the Month: Congratulation to Drea90 who was the member of the month this month over at Percys Grow Room

Stoneys Birthday: And a birthday shout out to Stoney!

Percys and High on Home Grown Mugs: We now have our very own Percys Grow Room, and High on Home Grown mugs!

Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Plants

As the temperature gets cooler in ther northern hemipshre, the humidty will rise. This can increase the risk of moulds growing on your plants.

So this week we cover powdery mildew on cannabis plants. How to spot it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it.

If you have any questions about powdery mildew, then head over to the cannabis forum on Percys Grow Room. There is a great guide you can read there, or you can sign up to the forum and ask for help.

Pictures of Powdery Mildew:

white powder on cannabis leaves, podcast for cannabis growers, high on home grown
powdery mildew on cannabis plants, cannabis podcasts,

Interview with Emily Dufton

podcasts about cannabis, episode 64, high on home grown

Emily Dufton is a researcher, historian, and author. She wrote the book “Grass Roots, the Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America”.

She is currently working on her second book! We talk all about how cannabis legislation has changed in the USA over the last 50 years, and why.

You can find copies of Grass Roots on Amazon, or any other fine books stores.

Listener Mail Questions

Here are a few of this weeks questions that were sent in buy or listeners.

Aussie Jim: What advice would you offer to someone whose other half is a non smoker and is unhappy about them growing their own. What arguments would you use against them to make them see you’re doing the right thing 

Heffe El​O: kay question. what’s the white substance on soil sometimes internet says mycelium but it could be mildew although it’s not on the leaves??? Stoners unite and help

How do I get a Percys Grow Room or HOHG mug? Can I get my username on it? 

If you could have any super power, what would it be? 

Who has been your favourite guest on the show so far and why? 

Thanks for Listening!

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If you have any questions about bud rot, you can ask them over at Percys, we will always be happy to help!

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