Episode 20, Scrogging Cannabis Plants

In Episode 20 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis podcast, we talk about Scrogging cannabis plants. Scrogging is a great way to increase the yield of your indoor grow. Learn everything you need to start your own SCROG in this episode.

The interview in this episode is with Trev Coleman from the U.K. Cannabis activist, who works with cannabis organizations such as Seed Our Future, & We The Undersigned.

We also have strain of the week, WTF was that, and cannabis news.

Cannabis News from Episode 20

Here is the cannabis news and events from episode 20 of High on Home Grown. To find out more about each story click the links below.


Argentina allowing medical homegrow. Finally giving patients basic human rights to no longer have to resort to black market medicine.

Argentina redraws medical cannabis rules, allowing home cultivation

Green Beard

G.B. tells us how researchers spent 50 years studying cannabis resin a.k.a. “HASH” only to find it has strengthened nearly 25% over a half century internationally.

Cannabis strength soars over past half century – new study

Zombie Nation

Z.N. talks to us about a BBC study with “surprising” results that show a surprising amount of CBD products have more than the legally allowed limit of THC in the products.

What’s really in cannabis-based health products?

Temple Grower

TG brings us a study that debunks the theory that teen use will rise with legalization. In the 2 years of legalization in Canada, cannabis use in teens HAS NOT risen but has actually declined.

Marijuana use among teens down 2 years after legalization

In Forum News:

Monkey wins Plant of the Month

New grow of starting on Percys Grow Room

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Screen Of Green                    

Making the decision on if a Screen Of Green is right for you and you grows needs is more difficult than Setting up a SCROG. IT can be quite simple if you know what you are doing.  

If you would like some help on how to set up and how to plan for a SCROG check out this diary from Percys grow Room.  

Interview with Trev Coleman, Episode 20 

Trev Coleman decided to research the charges for growing cannabis when he started cultivating his own cannabis to protect himself.

When he couldn’t find the evidence CPS uses supporting the claims that marijuana is a schedule 1 narcotic he soon finds that it simply does not exist.

He exposes loopholes in the cannabis laws in a document him and his team spent 7 years making before sending it out to every Chief Of Police & PCC in his country. 

Thanks for Listening!

Thanks for Listening! 

Thank you for listening to our episode about SCROGGING! If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions then feel free to contact us. You can use the contact form on our contact page, or find us on the international forum for cannabis growers over at Percys Grow Room.

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