Soil for Growing Cannabis

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Soil for growing cannabis is far more of a complicated subject then you initially think. There are many, many different types of soil for growing cannabis. Potting soil, super soil, living soil, soil from the garden, soil you can build yourself and so much more! Different types of soil will have different pros and cons … Read more

Hydroponics for Growing Cannabis

Hydroponics for Growing Cannabis, high on home grown, homegrown cannabis podcast, learn to grow cannabis podcast, grow guides, cannabis grow guides podcasts,

Hydroponics for growing cannabis is usually thought of as growing cannabis in water. But it is much more than that. Growing cannabis hydroponically doesn’t just mean growing cannabis in water. It means growing cannabis in soilless mediums such as, coco, rock wool, water, clay pellets, perlite and many more. We take a deep dive into … Read more

Terpenes on Cannabis Plants

Terpenes on Cannabis Plants, high on home grown, cannabis podcast, homegrown cannabis podcast, podcast for growing cannabis,

Terpenes on cannabis plants is the subject for this episode. Terpenes give plants smell and flavour, and also have medicinal properties. Cannabis plants have lots of them! In this episode of our cannabis podcast we cover the most common terpenes on cannabis plants. Things such as what they smell like, what they taste like and … Read more

What Makes Good Weed

What Makes Good Weed, top quality cannabis, podcast for cannabis growers, how to grow cannabis, homegrown cannabis podcasts, high on home grown,

What makes good weed is the topic for this episode of our cannabis podcast. From what good weed should look like, what it should smell and taste like, and its effects. We talk about our own preferences when it comes to cannabis. We also cover different methods of growing cannabis to make the best cannabis … Read more