Best Temperature and Humidity for Cannabis Plants

Best temperature and humidity for cannabis plants is an important factor for keeping a happy grow. For example, if the grow room gets to cold, the plants will slow down their grow and may even stop growing. But if it gets too hot, the plants will not be able to drink enough to stay cool and they will die.

High humidity will also cause issues. If it is too high, your plant will not be able to breathe properly. Also if the plant is in late flower it may get bud rot and mould, which can ruin your whole grow.

In this episode of our cannabis podcast, we tell you everything you need to know about the best temperature and humidity for cannabis plants. Such as how hot is too hot? When is the grow room too humid, and how do you measure it. We also explain what you can do to keep the temps and humidity at the right levels.

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Help with Best Temperature and Humidity for Cannabis Plants

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