Equipment You Need to Grow Cannabis

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Equipment you need to grow cannabis will vary depending on many things. From how big your setup is, how much space you have and how much you intended to grow. And of course, your budget! In this episode of High on Home Grown we discuss all of the equipment you need to grow cannabis at … Read more

Interviews with High on Home Grown

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Here is a list of all of our High on Home Grown Interviews. You can download new interviews every week from cannabis legends from all around the world. We interview experts, authors, doctors, patients, also activists and much more. You can listen to all of our full interviews right here on this page! Just press … Read more

Live Streams

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Welcome to the High on Home Grown Live Streams Page!Here is a link to our next show. Join us in the chat and say hi! Our main show is streamed live every Sunday. You can watch our live cannabis podcasts right here on this page! Live Streams Start Times High on Home Grown live streams … Read more