About Our Cannabis Podcast

High on Home Grown is a cannabis podcast, from Percys Grow Room. We are dedicated to informing cannabis growers. Whether it be on recent cannabis news, what’s new in the lives of our guests, or how to improve your grow with our grow guides. Our mission is to make sure you as a cannabis grower are well informed, and entertained!

We release 3 episodes every week. All covering a different aspect of cannabis life. From cannabis news and events on Mondays, Interviews with special guests on Wednesdays to cannabis grow guides on Fridays.

Also, every Sunday we have a live show on our Youtube channel where we record our episodes. We have been doing this for a number of years now, and we still love producing our shows every week. Sunday nights have become a community event where members of Percys Grow Room and listeners of our cannabis podcast get together to talk about the plant we all love. And we encourage all cannabis growers to join us for every show!

The Cannabis Podcast Panel Members

High on Home Grown has 5 regular panel members on the show. Each one brings a different take on cannabis. The panel of High on Home Grown are all based in different places around the world. From the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. This gives the show a unique take on all aspects of cannabis growing and cannabis news.

Not only do we have 5 regular panel members but we also have special guests who join the panel on the show sometimes too. Our cannabis podcast is more like a meeting of friends who enjoy cannabis. We all get together and discuss important news from where we are, and offer our advice and opinions on how to grow cannabis.

Along with you, our listeners, we make up a great community discussion for each episode that reaches across the four corners of the globe and gives everyone a bigger picture of what’s going on in the cannabis world.

The Host of Our Cannabis Podcast, Macky

Macky, High on home grown, cannabis podcast host, percys grow room,

Macky is the host of the show. But he is also the producer, editor, graphic designer, promoter and much more. He books the guests, edits the shows, uploads them to the podcast networks and promotes them across social media.

Though doing all this is a lot of work, he has a great amount of passion for High on Home Grown and cannabis in general. He likes to take a laid back approach to the show, but also keeping things professional at the same time.

Macky will often tell jokes that are so bad they are funny, and occasionally get passionate about a certain subject and go off on a “Macky Rant”.

Macky has a wide range of knowledge and has grown in many different mediums. From starting out in DWC nearly 15 years ago, to spending most of his time growing in coco. But nowadays he prefers to grow in organic living soil. His favourite strains are often talked about, and most listeners of the show knows he loves his Lemon Tree, Blue Cheese, and Jack Herer.

As well as being the host of High on Home grown, Macky is also the part of the admin team on Percys Grow Room, the cannabis growing forum. He is the founder of both the forum, and the show.

Co-Host, Monkey Do

Monkey Do is the co-host of the show. He is a coco growers from the Southeast United States. Monkey has been growing plants for most of his life and began growing cannabis many years ago.

Unfortunately Monkey Do still lives in a state that prohibits the use and cultivation of cannabis. So like Macky, he has to stay hidden behind his avatar. But that doesn’t stop him from being involved with the show and the forum!

Monkey takes his time to be part of every episode of High on Home Grown and has only ever missed a couple of shows. He also joins Macky in most of the interviews the show has recorded. It is very rare for him to miss a show.

Along with all the time and work Monkey puts into the podcast, he is also administrator of Percys Grow Room. He dedicates a large portion of his time to the forum, the show, and the cannabis community.

Monkey brings with him a great amount of knowledge, and a sense of reason to the show. He is always the rational one, and keeps things real on every episode.

Temple Grower, The Science Guy

Temple grower (TG) has been with the podcast since episode 1! His depth of knowledge and style humour is a big part of the podcast. He brings with him years of growing experience and a lot of laughs too.

TG is a legal medical grower from Saskatoon in Canada. He grows lots of cannabis to treat medical issues he has with his stomach. Over the years he has perfected his own soil recipe and grow his own cannabis in his own super soil!

A geologist by trade TG loves science! He has researched cannabis for decades and is a very knowledgeable grower on the panel. He has read the most books, grown the most plants, and knows more about cannabis than 99% of “cannabis experts”.

Temple Grower also works in the cannabis industry. He extracts cannabis oils to make medicine for people who need it. This unfortunately prevents TG from making many of the interviews but he makes up for it with his presence in the cannabis news and events and grow guides. He brings a vast amount of knowledge, with a huge amount of comedy to the show.

You can visit TG’s website to find out more about him, the work he does, and his living soil recipe: Templegrowing.com

Margaret Madden, The Edibles Expert

Margaret (Marge) is not only a panel member of our cannabis podcast, she is the host of her own show “Bite me, The Show About Edibles”. When it comes to making cannabis edibles, Marge always has the answers!

Like TG, Marge is from Canada and she can grow and consume cannabis legally. She has grown cannabis in many different mediums. Originally she started growing in DWC, but now grows micro plants in Temple Growers soil that she builds herself.

Marge is a very knowledgeable cannabis grower, and is the only person on the panel who is a certified “Ganjier”. Also, for her day job she is a budtender in a dispensary. Throughout the day she is working in a dispensary selling buds to people. When she gets home she is making cannabis edibles for herself and others to enjoy.

She is always calm, relaxed and always happy to offer her insight on the news and grow guides. But because of her work hours, she cant make it to interview very often.

You can hear more of Marge anytime though! Just visit her website https://bitemepodcast.com/ and download some of her episodes about making cannabis edibles!

Bubble Hok, The Australian Contingent

From the land of “nope ropes” and “drop bears” we have Bubble Hok. Australia is often overlooked when it comes to the cannabis world, and Bubble has no problems getting the voice of Australian growers heard.

Bubble Hok is a coco grower who grows a lot of cannabis! His prefered method of consuming cannabis is through rosin, and every episode he will be happy to tell us about what delicious cannabis he is pressing this week.

As a coco grower, Bubble Hok brings great insight to salt growing cannabis. He also keeps us all informed of what is going on “down under”.

From legality in cannabis news, to insight for Australian growers in the grow guides episodes, Bubble Hok keeps us and our Australian listeners entertained and up to date with everything you need to know about cannabis.

Because of the time zone differences, Bubble Hok can’t make it to all of the interviews but is there for some. When the show usually streams it is very early in the morning for him. Around 6-8am! But this doesn’t stop him from showing up every Sunday! He gets up early, hits his dabs, makes his coffee and is always ready to get High on Home Grown.

Showtimes for Our Cannabis Podcast

High on Home Grown streams live, every Sunday on our Youtube Channel. Because of time zone differences, we can not give just one time for the show to start as the start time will differ depending on where you are in the world.

We start at 9pm UK time. This means 4pm Eastern and 1pm Pacific. In Australia and New Zealand it can range from 6am, to 8am.

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High on Home grown, cannabis podcast, Live stream start time  Canada
High on Home grown, cannabis podcast, start time USA
High on Home grown, cannabis podcast, start time  Pacific time,
High on Home grown, cannabis podcast, Live stream start time, Australia
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The best way to find out what time the show starts is to head to our YouTube channel and checking on the next live stream. This will tell you exactly what time the show starts in your time zone. Alternatively, head over to this Time Zone Checker to see what time the show starts for you!

How to Download our Cannabis Podcast

High on Home Grown can be found on all major podcasting networks! All you have to do is head to you favourite network and search for “High on Home Grown” and you will find us. Alternatively, just click on one of these boxes and you will be taken to our page on that specific podcasting network:

You can also listen to and download all episodes of our cannabis podcast right from this website! You can either head to the cannabis news, grow guides or interview pages, or use these players to listen to the show right here:

The boxes are automatically updated every time we release a new episode. So the episodes you see here, are up to date! There are hundreds of episodes of our cannabis podcast you can download. Visit our Episode Archive page to find them all and download them 100% Free!!!

Thanks for Reading our About Page!

Thank you for reading our about page. I hope all of your questions have been answered here but if not, we are easy to get in touch with. You can find all of the panel members on High on Home Grown over at the cannabis forum on Percys Grow Room, and everyone is welcome to join us.

Just head over to Percys Grow Room, and click sign up to become a member. It is all free and we are always happy to hear from listeners of the show! Alternatively, you can contact us on all major social networks too.

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